Tongue Patch Weight Loss Procedure

The story behind the Chugay Tongue Patch

Patients using the Tongue Patch have quickly and efficiently lost as much as 50-55 lbs in two months!

The fight to lose weight is a slow, constant battle against genetics, appetite, hormones, and lifestyle. For many, the journey towards weight loss is an everyday struggle—one Dr. Chugay has heard many patients wrestle with, no matter what diets or surgical procedures they tried.

There are many paths toward weight loss: exercise, healthy eating, fad diets, pills, liposuction, and dangerous, invasive, expensive procedures like gastric bypass and lap band surgery. Some patients have early successes but the long-term effectiveness tells a different story. Weight loss fads and surgical procedures can actually create more dangers to your health than what you were trying to cure in the first place. They also don’t always last which puts the patient right back at the beginning of their journey—depressed, unhealthy, feeling ugly, and even suicidal.

As a highly empathetic doctor with a powerful belief that life should always be as beautiful as we can make it, Dr. Chugay never stops seeking ways to help patients with self-improvement to bring a happier life and he’s conveyed that same passion to his son—Dr. Paul Chugay.

This dynamic father/son duo have been sometimes referred to as the “Kings of Innovation” due to their dedication to finding new solutions and improving existing ones.

Chugay innovativeness brings the tongue patch to America and creates a wildly successful weight loss procedure that becomes world-renowned

Dr. Chugay is always looking for innovative new solutions to assist his patients and bring beauty to the every-day—even when on vacation.
During one such vacation to South America over a decade ago Dr. Chugay, visiting some fellow surgeon friends, first learned about the very early version of the tongue patch. Watching the procedure performed, Nikolas immediately saw the applications for use in North America but also recognized the limitations of the patch by itself. When he returned from his vacation, Nikolas immediately set about improving the mesh used and—utilizing his in-depth understanding of the American lifestyle—Nikolas developed the tongue patch into a whole lifestyle choice that works to help you lose weight quickly and efficiently while helping you keep it off long-term with professional help to make the right choices on a consistent basis.

The level of success experienced by those who follow the tongue patch procedure has driven them to dub Dr. Chugay’s procedure as “the Miracle Patch”, catching the attention of doctors around the world who now use his techniques and has been aired on various respected TV shows.

How does the tongue patch procedure work?

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Tongue Patch Weight Loss Procedure


Dr. Chugay is often invited to prestigious shows such as LA FOX NEWS to discuss the Chugay Tongue Patch as an alternative to more drastic weight loss methods such as gastric bypass surgery or the lap band. Those methods are extremely expensive with an average cost for lap band at $14-15,000 and $18-35,000 for gastric bypass compared to the Tongue Patch at only $2000. We have had a total of 150+ patients undergo the procedure and this number continues to grow.